Bushfire smoke blankets Adelaide

As the wind turns easterly over Adelaide on 2019-12-22, it carries a suffocating pall of smoke dozens of miles over the city. This panorama was taken over 25 kilometres from the fires at an altitude of 120m. This ensures that the drone was not interfering with firefighting aircraft, and shows the extent and size of […]


Continent-spanning fires visible from space These maps, taken by the Himawari-8 weather satellite at 4PM Central Australian Daylight Time on 2019-12-20, reveal in stark detail the huge range and reach of the bushfires currently ravaging the nation. All along the eastern coast and the Great Dividing Range, the dull grey plumes of smoke from the […]

Leftist Politics Is Killing Not Only Movie Franchises, But Our Culture With Them

Instead of watching the goggle box when you sit down to relax this evening, watch this 43-minute commentary instead. It will be time well spent, believe me. These two guys absolutely nail it all. This is the reason I don’t go to the cinema any more, and is the reason why I’ve lost interest in […]

Mistrust of doctors is misplaced.

Utah mom says healthy 19-year-old son died from flu shot  Many people manifest a strong belief that doctors are only in it for the money, that they are nothing more than pill salesmen for Big Pharma. I believe that is very far from the truth. Medicine is science and science is evolving – as are […]

Murray Bridge, South Australia

This interactive panorama was taken 120 metres (400 ft) above the Murray River at Murray Bridge, South Australia, using a DJI Spark drone. You can zoom in and out with your mouse wheel or pinch to zoom, and hit the fullscreen icon to view the panorama fully.