Coffin Bay, South Australia – Day 1

Panoramas taken with the Spark at sunset, over the beach in front of our apartment. This is from 120 m (400 ft), and about 80 m (260 ft) out to sea. To the north you can see Mount Dutton and Mount Greenly, while panning to the west you can follow the complex convolutions of Coffin Bay itself. To the south the dunes of Coffin Bay National Park spread towards the southern coast. On the far horizon you can just make out the archipelago of islands off Point Avoid. Eastwards you can see the township of Coffin Bay, mainly oyster fisheries and tourist acommodations, spread out below the drone.

This panorama is a composite of 46 separate images taken with the DJI Spark drone, stitched in PTGui. Since the drone cannot tilt far enough to capture the sky directly overhead, I used an Insta 360 X 360-degree panoramic camera to capture the zenithal sky from the ground. I then colour-matched these two images and composited them in Photoshop to create the final 360 x 180 degree panorama.