Australian government claims that the lockdown can be lifted earlier if more people download the Covidsafe app

So, Mr. Morrison, you say we can get back to normal quicker if everyone downloads your app? The pubs and restaurants can open sooner once we all have it on our phones?

I want you all to stop and think about this for a minute. There are two facts to consider.

1. This massive shutdown is for everyone’s safety. This is what we are insistently told. Self-isolating and social distancing save lives, we are told, because they help prevent the spread of this life-threatening virus.

2. The Covidsafe app does nothing to physically prevent the spread of the virus and does not materially reduce the chances of anyone contracting the virus from public contact. The app is purely a data-gathering mechanism.

Therefore, there exist only two possible reasons for being able to lift the shutdown earlier but only if people download this app.

1. The danger is real and lifting the shutdown earlier will cause a resurgence in infections, which means the government is using the population as medical guinea pigs to a deadly virus in order to measure its spread; or

2. There is no real danger and lifting the shutdown early without it being a problem, shows that the entire thing is nothing more than an egregious stripping of all human rights and liberties in the name of enforcing compliance with arbitrary government edicts.

Are we guinea pigs or slaves? Which one is it, Mr. Morrison?