What Worked Against The USSR Will Not Work Against China

This situation highlights a larger issue concerning the conflict with China

This is a very interesting strategic perspective on the South China Sea situation. Although the article focuses mainly on this particular theatre, it does touch on the major strategic mistake the West made in dealing with China.

That is, to bespeak Orwell, that Oceania (the Western/English nations) tried to do to Eastasia (China) what it did to Eurasia (the USSR) back in the 90s – but this time the convert-them-to-capitalism gambit failed.
When we pulled this gambit on the USSR, the whole of Eastern Europe and Central Asia broke away and become independent states, all of which are now fiercely protective of their identity and freedom. The Russian economy collapsed, crime gangs took over the country, and the West won the Cold War hands down.

So we tried the trick again with China – and badly misjudged our enemy.

What we birthed with our technology and prosperity instead of a failed state, was a new version of the Roman Empire; an economy built on slave labour. An economy to which we gave all our jobs and money, undermining the independence and self-respect of our own people, and giving immense power to a regime that kills people with the same insouciance with which we kill flies.

We have to accept that if we want this to stop, we have to give up our dependence on Chinese consumer goods. They’ve got us hooked on the treasures they provide, and we lap it up like smack addicts.

When I was a kid, a new TV or stereo or computer was a major household investment, expected to last for years. We’ve been walked into a throwaway culture where you now buy TVs the way we used to buy books. Everything has become cheap, common and disposable – and China now stands to conquer the world because of it.

We would have to return to the condition of a new TV or computer costing you 5-10 grand, but you’d get it knowing it will last for at least 15-20 years. If it breaks down you call a repairman to fix it, you don’t throw it out and buy a new one.

You cannot have infinite growth in a finite economy, and so a status quo has to be achieved whereby a living wage can be paid to those who produce our goods, while we can still, albeit at a slower rate, consume those goods, with the labour difference made up of those who repair and maintain them.

This is the only way we will defeat China. This time, it is on all of us to fight. Demand your goods be made anywhere other than China – even if it costs more to buy local. Demand quality that lasts, like we used to have.

And local businesses – you too can do your part to fight. Make sure the quality of your products outshines the throwaway plastic crap from China. Make me want to save up and spend 5 grand on a new TV.