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Levels of MGTOW? There's Really Only Two.

One of the things I see often in the MGTOW scene is people talking about 5 or so "levels" of MGTOW, but I think it's more basic than that. I see two main reasons for MGTOW and it is those differences that create the greatest division within the movement.

That is, men either become MGTOW out of spite, or out of prudence. Those who become MGTOW out of spite have an axe to grind with women, or with the feminist world in general. These are your misogynist, bitter MGTOWs who want everyone to follow their example not because they want companionship, but because they want to deprive women of love and sex the same way they themselves were deprived by women. They want all men to go MGTOW so the women will come crawling back to us and these men can say "See how that feels? Hurts doesn't it?" That's the bottom line. They couldn't get any tail, so for them MGTOW is sour grapes and they want to get revenge by making women feel as lonely and rejected as they are. For these men, the image of MGTOW is more important than the act. There's two sides of that coin: on one side these men not only spout hatred of women, but on the other side complain about the fact that so many men bitching about women makes the MGTOW movement look bad, and thus discourages other men from joining up and reducing women's mating pool.. That's not a condemnation of these men; it's simply stating facts.

Basically, if you either hate women or you're concerned about how other people view the MGTOW movement, then you are a spite MGTOW. You don't really want to go your own way; what you really want is to find a nice woman and settle down and have your 2.4 kids and you're pissed off because that isn't going to happen for you.

Then there are those who, like myself, have simply thrown their hands in the air and said "fuck this, I'm done here," and walked away. These men have genuinely carried out a risk-benefit analysis, or they've looked at what life's alternatives entail and decided that going their own way is the optimal path. They know that self-determination is precluded by devotion to another. For these men, how other people perceive MGTOW is irrelevant; if the feminists want to brand us all as woman-hating manbabies, then so be it; what boots their opinions anyway? We have nothing to prove to them. And if most other men choose to devote their lives to women, what is that to us? We have what we want.

So if you don't care about women or other men's relationships with them, you are a prudence MGTOW. You've really chosen to go your own way, and found what you really want. This is the place I am in at this time.

I am both MGTOW and MRA. My antifeminist activism, however, isn't rooted in resentment of women, but in a desire to preserve my own freedom and autonomy. I don't care what women do or don't do, but I DO care about a state that paints me as a rapist and paedophile to the point where I will be harassed and abused for taking photographs in public, as I have been on several occasions; and I DO care about a state that allows a woman to destroy my life, even though I had nothing to do with her, by simply pointing her finger at me and saying "He's the one that did it." This is why I am fanatical about fighting feminism - because the fight against feminism is nothing less than the fight for my own freedom.

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