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The Red Pill Review and Report From Melbourne Screening On 2016-12-26

The Red Pill

After waiting for over a year in anticipation of watching Cassie Jaye's recently-released documentary The Red Pill, I finally got my long-awaited chance to attend a screening. There was just one small problem: The screening was to be held in Melbourne. I live in Adelaide. For those not familiar with Australian geography, that's a distance of 725 km or 450 miles by road, or an 8-hour drive not including rest stops. So, two friends and myself decided to make this day-long trip with the express and specific objective of watching this movie and for no other reason - probably the greatest distance anyone has ever driven merely to watch a movie!


What has Merry Christmas become?

As a child, I always used to love hearing "Merry Christmas" from people. It was a time of joy, the release from a long year's hard work, the whole peace on Earth goodwill to men thing. I would say "Merry Christmas" in reply, and I'd laugh when thinking about Ebenezer Scrooge grumping about boiling every idiot who goes about with Merry Christmas on his lips in his own pudding.

But these days, I wonder if old Ebenezer might have a had a point, in a way that neither he nor his creator Charles Dickens could have foreseen.


Star Wars: Rogue One Review; How Politically Correct Is It?

Rogue One Poster
Image Copyright © 2016 Lucasfilm.
<i>Rogue One</i> Poster

A lot of people who are sick of Hollywood's increasingly annoying tendency to push liberal political issues in their movies, have taken umbrage with some of the writers and producers of the new Star Wars movie Rogue One. Kathleen Kennedy, the feminist CEO of Lucasfilm, pointedly stated that she felt no need to cater to Star Wars' male fanbase, and two of the writers posted tweets, now deleted, claiming that the Empire was an evil white male supremacist organisation and that the Rebel Alliance was a bunch of courageous multiculturals led by brave women fighting for freedom asgainst white male oppressors. They also took the opportunity to take a swipe at recently elected USA President Donald Trump.


If I were President of the world...

Setting the world to rights, one point at a time

This is a post I put in a forum recently; the topic was "What would you do if you were President of the world?" While it was intended to be a humourous thread, the qestion started me thinking about what I would do if I were given unlimited political power of the planet. It's one thing to point out all the things one thinks are wrong with the world, but quite another to come up with solutions for all of them. So I spent some time thinking about it, and crafted the response below. It triggered quite an interesting debate, but what surprised me the most was the number of people who actually agreed with much of what I put forward, even though some of it is quite ruthless and other parts of it even communist in nature. So considering the thought I put into it and the reactions it provoked, I thought I'd repost it here, in my permanent record.


What is Anonymous?

In the face of ever-tightening legislation, a new anarchy arises

"We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us."

In late January 2008, a video appeared on YouTube which was to change the face of the Internet forever. In this video, a voiceover performed by artificial speech synthesis denounced the Church of Scientology, warning that the cult was about to come under protracted attack by an unknown and massive collective. The video concluded with the chilling statement at the top of this article, a statement that has become household knowledge around the world, and the infamous signature of Anonymous.


Do You Believe?

A short story by

"You've got it all wrong, holy man. I absolutely believe in God. And I absolutely hate the fucker."

-Vin Diesel as Riddick, Pitch Black

We've all known the type, since there's one in every school. You know the one kid who just somehow seems to have it all? The one who excels at everything they do, who is top of the class in every subject, captain of the sports teams, and is attractive and popular to boot? Well, Caitlyn Bell was that kid in our school, and she was certainly a shining example of the type.


And Freedom Dies

Politics of fear heralds a new dark age

WTC 9/11: The end of our world?

I CLEARLY remember, with vivid memory, the events of September 11, 2001. As the destruction of the World Trade Center unfolded that morning in eastern America, it was already late at night on the same day here in Australia. As I watched those buildings burn and ultimately collapse on TV, my brother was frantically phoning our parents, telling them to "turn on the TV NOW because this is the start of World War III!"

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